Choosing the perfect wakesurf boat: Your ultimate buyer guide

Choosing the perfect wakesurf boat: Your ultimate buyer guide


1. Start with the boat:

The most crucial aspect is the wake itself. Look for boats known for clean, long wakes. Features like ballast tanks, hull design, additional wake systems Tige TAPS 3T or Surf Gate® from Malibu boats play a big role. Research specific models and read reviews from wakesurfers to understand their wake characteristics.


2. Size Matters

If consider buying a used wakesurf boat think about 23-25. A new well-designed 21-22 boat can produce impressive wakes for wakesurfing.


3. Features

Think about the features that will enhance your surfing experience. Consider ballast tank capacities and placement options for customizing your wake. Features like surf tabs, wake plates, or surf gates (fins that help shape the wake) can be game changers.


4. New vs. Used:

New boats offer the latest technology and warranty but come with a huge price tag. Used boats can be a great option, but be sure to factor in potential maintenance costs. Research common problems with specific models before buying used.


5. Extra budget

Consider your budget for extras like a couple of wakesurf boards, vests, ropes, an additional ballast system, and wake shapers. It might cost a couple of thousands.

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