Why Tige?

Good question: "Why Tige"? Because it's the best wakesurfing boat of the year.

The mythology of Tige Boats was created while riding at the cutting edge of innovation, and we continue to expand on it every year with new inventions and technologies aimed at making your ideal day on the water. 

Go system — simple way to start

The GO SystemTM powered by TAPS 3T actually makes dialing in your boat straightforward, regardless of whether you're getting ready for wake surfing, wakeboarding, skiing, or just getting home. Your cruise control, ballast, and TAPS 3T settings will be established automatically if you simply press "GO." No dialing-in or setup instructions are required! Large barrels will be delivered to you right away.


TAPS 3T — best waves

TAPS 3T was created using the most efficient and cutting-edge technology available and is based on years of success. On either side of the boat, TAPS 3T and the CONVEX V HULL's inherent performance create the longest, most ideal, and potent surf wave.

In comparison to other surf systems on the market, the TAPS 3T distinctive plate designs use military grade actuators that can endure over three tons of pressure. To ensure that it will produce consistent waves set after set, TAPS 3T has undergone millimeter-level testing.

The GO SystemTM practically eliminates the need to dial in performance whether you're preparing for wakesurfing, wakeboarding, skiing, or just a cruise. Once you press "GO," your flawless wake will start to follow. without setup.


Alpha E3+ with SolidShade — the future of tower

The distinguished Alpha E3+ with SolidShade offers the ideal trinity of increased storage, ease of use, and shade. Your conception of a bimini is obsolete because to the always-deployed SolidShade's enhanced degree of capability.

The power duo can be raised and lowered with the push of a button, ensuring that you are always prepared to stow, tow, or move. The fantastic features of this new feature include life jacket hangers, Plug and Play Board Bags, numerous tow points, and creative cargo options. The Alpha E3 + with SolidShade is prepared for whatever you're ready to do.


Tige CLEAR — 11" tablet-sized touchscreen

Tige CLEAR is placed exactly where you would want it to be, next to the throttle and to the right of your steering wheel. Our user-friendly interface enables you to quickly access all the action on an 11" tablet-sized touchscreen, which has the clearest forward sight, greatest surface area, and brightest screen in the business. All 2023 Tige vehicles come equipped with Tige CLEAR.

Audison Pro-Audio System — award-winning pro-audio system

You won't find a better Pro-Audio experience anyplace else. We are pleased to be the only towboat manufacturer to feature the acclaimed pro-audio system Audison exclusively. For the first time in the marine sector, two titans combine their forces to produce a distinctive sound.

This high-definition system, which has taken years to develop, was created to provide you an outstanding audio experience that is nothing short of exquisite. We are prepared to deliver the newest advancement in marine audio to you as a team. In a Tige, wherever you are seated, you won't just hear the music's force; you'll be there in the middle of it.